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  • Sole Supplier & Exclusive Use

    Sole Supplier & Exclusive Use

    To ensure that our candidates are always in work, we have nurtured strong working relationships with over 400 surgeries and practices across the nation. The quality of our service is demonstrated by the fact that many of our clients use us exclusively to procure locum staff. This means by registering with us, you increase your chances of securing the best locum roles in your area.

  • Experience Makes a Difference

    Experience Makes a Difference

    Our clients trust us to find them qualified experienced staff who are able to fit in and hit the ground running. As a specialist agency, we make sure that everyone we place in a role has the correct certification and relevant experience. This helps our clients give us more work at better rates which means that you are guaranteed the best jobs available.

  • Best Rates of Pay

    Best Rates of Pay

    We know that the bottom line matters! And that’s why we cast a wide net when find clients looking for specialist staff like you. This gives us the ability to find the best pay rates for our staff making them happy in the short term and returning to us in the long term. Once you become a candidate of Focus Recruitment, you will have access to the best rates of pay in your area and hopefully be at the beginning of a long professional relationship with us.

  • Refer a Friend

    Refer a Friend

    Over 42% of our candidates have joined Locum Meds through referral from a friend. If you have colleagues and friends in primary care then refer them to work with us and get up to £250 as a thank you from us to say thank you.

  • Let us Control your Diary

    Let us Control your Diary

    Our consultants not only ensure you the best rates and access to exclusive surgeries but they dedicate a significant portion of their time to managing your working diary. With the nationwide service we provide, over 400 practices and hospitals, and long term working relationships, you can leave your working schedule in our capable hands and we will make sure you are as busy as you want to be.

  • Quick Registration Process

    Quick Registration Process

    Our aim is to get you into work as smoothly as possible. That’s why our registration process is so simple and straight forward. From the moment you decide to work with us, one of our experienced consultants will talk you right the way through the process from the required documentation for your employer, right through to the day you start work.

  • We Work 24/7

    We Work 24/7

    We know that locum work can be a last minute affair and we never want you to miss out on an opportunity to earn our industry-topping rates. That’s why our team of consultants work around the clock to stay connected with your future employers, proactively searching out roles for weekdays, weekends and nights. There isn’t a time of day where we can’t find you available work, so rest assured that if the work is out there, we will find it for you.

  • Years of Experience

    Years of Experience

    With a combined 20+ years of experience, we know exactly how our candidates like to work. Our industry specific knowledge allows us to work efficiently for you and place you in your perfect role. Whether you’re looking for regular locum work or a more permanent role, we have the experience and connections to make sure we get you what you want.

  • Weekly Pay

    Weekly Pay

    One of the aspects of working with us, which our candidates most appreciate is our commitment to paying our staff on a weekly basis. We know that cash flow is important and when taking on locum work, our candidates love our weekly pay runs. As an industry leader in this area, we are able to get the best candidates which in turn fuels our relationships with clients, giving us even more work for you!

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